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I’m Oana Racheleanu, a journalist and storyteller from Romania, and I can help you write your story.


About me

I have been working in the press since 2009, documenting features about tourism, education, and the environment. I constantly searched for a character for my articles to be alive, even if I wrote about the resurgence of clay houses and the introduction of cob, the tradition of weaving with cattail leaves, or the challenge of riding a bike in Bucharest, Romania. I wrote almost 60 profiles of Romanians teachers, passionate about their profession, who are always looking for ways to transform the old, communist methods of teaching.

I like to see people’s lives as a puzzle – I respectfully receive the pieces and then arrange them into a complete picture for greater clarity. I have learned that in interviews, it is essential to be a human being first and then a journalist and storyteller. I am fully present, with empathy, curiosity, openness, and gratitude. I delicately pull on each thread extended to me by the interlocutor, and we uncover memories that are almost forgotten but very relevant to their journey so far.

Whether you have a startup, you are an entrepreneur, or a local producer, I can be of assistance if you want to tell your story for the „about me” section on your website, which you have been postponing writing, or for social media so that your audience can get to know you better. Alternatively, we can create together a unique gift: your love story or the story of your special relationship with your grandfather.

I have learned that in interviews, it is essential to be a human being first and then a journalist and storyteller.

My work

I believe in quality journalism that approaches subjects professionally, respectfully, and patiently. In my work, I seek to uncover the real stories of lesser-known characters to the public, who can help others better understand the world they live in. I enjoy bringing to the forefront the experiences of those who have faced challenging obstacles but have found solutions – even imperfect – and can inspire others to take action. Each of us can contribute to a positive change in our world, and the stories of these characters can serve as sources of motivation and guidance.

Flavours both nostalgic and new at a weekend market in Manila

I come to Legazpi market every Sunday. I’m 9,000 km away from my family and friends, I work remotely and alone. Hence, this market in Manila gives me a sense of familiarity and belonging, but also the novelty I need. I make friends among the vendors but also talk to strangers and taste new dishes.

Case Verzi: A Resurgence of Sustainable Architecture in Romania

A curious building with white curving walls features in many tourist photographs of Berca village in Buzău county, Romania. The hand-hewn texture of the walls, the strange angles—reminiscent of a children’s book—it’s as if a gingerbread house has leapt off the pages and into real life.


Meet Florica Arion, the last woman still weaving with cattail from Romanian village with tradition

Florica Arion grew up in a family of crafters weaving with cattail leaves. She’s done it her entire life. And now, at 69 years old, she’s the last person from her village who keeps the tradition going.

Bucharest Leads In Bike Deaths. A Movement Is Underway To Change That

Every time she goes to the wet market, Elena Năstase feels like she’s on an adventure. Because of her neuromuscular disease, Năstase needs a powered mobility scooter to help her move around town. She chooses routes with lots of small streets, far away from congested boulevards, and makes her way on the narrow sidewalks – upon which cars illegally park.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the future of the Planet

My inbox tells me that climate change is determining the baby birds to hatch earlier and that the planetary ocean grew, in 28 years, with 144 million Olympic pools with water. A news website about the environment published an article titled: “50 degrees Celsius in India and Pakistan: «We live in hell»”.

The practice of questioning everything – profile of a Merito teacher

Laura Borbe writes on the board: „Poverty can hinder talented, hardworking, and gifted children and young people from fulfilling their potential.” The 30 students from 11th grade B, for whom she is the class master, must argue whether they agree or disagree with this statement during this activity in the Different Week.


„Oana managed to conduct the interview as if we had been lifelong friends and were now chatting about what we’ve been up to lately. For someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, it was extremely beneficial – when you feel safe to talk about yourself, the other person has a chance to capture your essence. Oana captured my essence, and her talent for conveying it is undeniable. Reading what she wrote about me, I recognized myself, and some of those who know me also told me they recognized me.”

Laura Borbe, Merito Teacher 2023

„I really liked that at the end of the interview, she told me that she would come back with specific questions if there were things that needed clarification. And that’s exactly what happened. She asked all necessary additional questions without publishing unclear or incomplete information, as has happened to me before… It was a pleasure to talk to Oana!”

Florentina Tituleac, Merito Teacher 2021

„Oana is an exceptional storyteller! I fondly remember the day we talked for the interview; it was a wonderful experience. She is attentive and empathetic, which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to speak freely. The pertinent questions and the research she conducted beforehand were clearly reflected in our conversation. She took me through areas of my life that I hadn’t thought about in a long time, and the final text perfectly captured the essence and emotion of those moments. I am grateful to her for allowing me to share my story authentically.”

Ana Stoica, Entrepreneur

„You know how it feels to meet someone for the first time, but have the sensation that you already know them? That’s how it was when I met Oana. We chatted over tea, discussing everything under the sun, seamlessly transitioning from professional to personal topics (and I must warn you that you might end up sharing things you don’t want to appear in the article 🙃), quickly forgetting that you actually don’t enjoy talking about yourself, and simply enjoying the moment. Thank you, Oana!”

Adina Stratulat, Merito Teacher 2023

„The interview conducted by Oana went smoothly and beautifully… I uncovered wonderful things about myself that I didn’t know how to present. And then, after talking and talking, seeing your words transcribed and adapted, you read them with great pleasure.”

Irina Tenovici, Happy Friday, Entrepreneur

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